Monday, November 21, 2011

Astoria Federal Savings 2012 Teen Photo Contest

This year's Astoria Federal Savings Teen Photo Contest has been announced and the theme is "Eye on Style: People, Fashion, and Trends". There are $250 cash rewards as well as a $100 cash grant that goes to the school along with an invite to the reception for winners so if you have images you'd like to submit you can get a form from Mr. Needles and fill it out before the December 19th postmark deadline. Remember fashion is everywhere so if you have friends with a unique look or images of people using fashionable technology it could all work, good luck!

Alphabet Soup

This week's assignment was to "photograph the alphabet" by finding things in nature that resembled letters and editing them together (an example from class is pictured above). After the alphabet is finished add one or two additional symbols such as an astrick, exclamation point, ect. to finish out the image and add balance. Finally take the letters you created and put together an inspiring word that we'll print out and post up(an example from class is pictured below).

Photography Forum Contest

Here's a link to the Photography Forum High School Photography Contest. The deadline is this week and there is a very reasonable five dollar entry fee per image. The magazine was the first to publish my work in the United States and is one of the leading photography magazines out there.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Japanese introduction

This week Mr. Needles photography class spent a few minutes each day learning how to introduce themselves in Japanese in preparation for the Skype conversation with students in Tokyo, Japan about their collaborative photography project in The Japan Society's Going Global program. The students are currently speaking to students in Japan, Pakistan, and throughout the United States on a social networking platform and exchanging images of what an average day looks like in their life and then comparing and contrasting.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

JR Inside Out Photography Project

Here's the first round of images from the JR Inside Out Project from students in Mr.Needles Photography class. The images include students, teachers, and staff and are currently displayed in the Needles AP gallery in the visitor's entrance hallway.